Feb. 17th, 2017

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 I applied for a disabled parking permit today.   I have been avoiding this because walking and gentle exercise are good for fibromyalgia and EDS, but I got sick of arguing with the roommate that walking would not hurt her either.  I decided to reduce stress in the house and just apply for it. The rheumatologist filled it out today, and she filled out the student loan discharge papers again, and will have the doctor sign them. I  also made sure that the problem I've had with my back for a few months now which seems to be getting better should go away.

In any case, I engaged in a few busy nights of thinking about the current presidency and what it means. I basically have two methods for dealing with problems. The first is to confront them head on, and the latter is to avoid them. Neither one is desirable in most circumstances. Some people described me as having a warrior's spirit, but I always had problems with that one.  The problem most people I've found with Teutoonic restronstructionist, outside of the obvious racism, is that people tend to take the myths to mean *literal* battles, rather than seeing the battle as a stand in for the struggles that come with life. Without getting too far off track on this matter, I think they mean that I will fight if I'm able to and I see something that's wrong.  

I know this method normally causes friction, but I think I can see plenty of reason to continue it with the Trump administration in power. The president represents a real threat to me and people I care about.  LGBTQ people may suffer because his followers don't pay attention to what he says, Jewish people may suffer because of his failures to combat anti-antisemitism, my former colleagues in the press are suffering because of his battle with reality, and of course, disabled people are likely to be the first to see the ax if expanded Medicaid is cut.  (I do not even blame Trump for this one.)

The time for reasoned debate with Trump supporters is, I believe, over. It is not time to protest through violent means. The government processes are still working.  President Cheetolini needs people to remind him every day, and people need to keep the phone lines busy. I wish I had more time and energy  myself. As someone I've met in my online travels put it -- direct action is the only action that matters now.


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