May. 29th, 2017

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This isn't really much. I came to this conclusion a while ago since my bed is simply a mattress on the floor, and it's right behind my roommate's bed. 

I just need a space I can retreat to that meets my needs. She has her space the way she likes it.I've already considered the idea of buying a shed, making some modifications to it, and putting it in the backyard. This shed modification idea is impractical for many reasons. I'm not sure the "she shed"  idea involves environmentally-friendly electricity-generating modifications to run your computing equipment.  (Screw the she shed idea. I'm going to call it the nerd's nook.)

I've also come to another conclusion. I care about keeping my house as clean as possible. (I am not a great housekeeper. Please do not get the idea that I am.) Doing what little cleaning I can will make me feel better.

Note to self:  See if you can figure out why some of the dishes you wash always seem to be greasy afterwards. Thank goodness we have a diswhasher.

I think I've gotten back up to the second tier of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs.


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