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 Let me begin by saying that I'm scraped up, bruised and battered but nothing serious happened.The worst that happened was a sprain. I am resting today per doctor's orders.

I had a good pain day yesterday. I had my Enterprise computing and my Linux class and expected to enjoy the unusually mild temperatures on the ride home. After the class, I took my moped on the road behind the school as far as I could before having to turn onto a US highway for a short segment of the journey. I do not normally take this route, but there is road construction on the roads I normally use. (It is not illegal to take mopeds on US highways. It's just dangerous. I don't like doing it.)  I get to a red light at a convenience store and stop to wait for the light to change. I pull out, and in the middle of the road, I skid on a piece of a car's floor board.

The moped wipes out and I am thrown to the ground. I landed face down on my stomach. My glasses fall off to the side, and the moped is on top of my left leg. I lie on the floor dazed for a few seconds while motorist come rushing towards me. I hear someone say she's dialing 911. I keep getting asked if  I could move or get up.  As I am trying to move my leg out from underneath the vehicle, a task which proved simple, I'm trying to figure out if I can do this or not. Eventually a woman claiming to be an EMT rushes out of her car along with several others. I am helped up, and eventually correct the woman who keeps calling me 'he.'Priorities there.

Eventually the police and an ambulance show up.  My attempts to get hold of Cathy fail because she is also getting out of classes and refuses to carry a cell phone. I am encouraged to go to the hospital to get checked out, even though everyone present is sure it's just  road rash.  I get directed into an ambulance and then spend time riding to an ER of a local hospital,  After being poked, prodded and scanned, I am informed that nothing is broken, I have no serious injuries, given a splint for my right wrist, treated for minor wounds, and released.  The moped was taking to a local fire department and I have to pick it up in the immediate future.

So, take out the entire night portion and I had a pretty good day yesterday.
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