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 I've had a busy few weeks, and this is understandable.  I think I've complained about this enough and everyone knows the reason why. I'll just have to make sure I don't do this again in the future. I do not think I need to go over all of this again.

Cathy had a migraine today. I've put up with her crankiness, in part because I understand what being in a lot of pain is like, even if I don't understand migraines from the perspective of a migrainesufferer.  I doubt I ever will, but the fact that I never will  understand what she's going through when she has one comes down to quirky genetics.  (Ironically, this is the biology chapter I am on at the moment.)  Because she needed a nap and some rest more than anything else, I went out this evening and had some fun at a local table-top gaming store. I should have spent the time doing homework, but I've been stressed out lately and getting some fun in was much needed.  I even managed to study some biology.

While I am still annoyed at the broken Dell laptop screen and their lack of customer support, I managed to get a new IdeaPad from Lenovo.  (It has replaced a ThinkPad made by IBM I owned several years ago.  It has a fair amount of graphics power compared to my other systems, and it might be good for non-strenous gaming. I'm not too sure about this, however. Gamergaters showed the dark underbelly of this hobby, and they have left a bad taste in my mouth. I should not let them prevent me from doing something I enjoy.  The one thing that might stop me from a lot of games is my poor hand-eye coordination.) 

Next week is midterms, and I will be busy. I have to do a lot of practice tests for the CompTIA A+ hardware exam. All of this culminates in the test. When this week is done, the next four weeks of the class are spent on the software portion of the test. I'm not looking forward to either of them.

All in all, it was just nice for a little break. I hope Cathy is feeling better tomorrow.   

I think I had something introspective to post tonight, but I seem to have forgotten what this was.  Maybe I will remember it later.

Also, I need to add "Oxygen not Included" to my Steam wishlist.


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For the past few months or so, I thought getting a new hobby was necessary for some reason. I do not know exactly why I felt this way, although I can come up with plenty of reasons for it. Now, I realize that this is not necessary. My old hobbies still work. My ability to write has not declined, although I need to spend even more time editing than I have in the past. Because editing was not one of my favorite things to do thin the past either, this may take significantly more time than I would like. This does mean that I will have to give up the copy writing for quick cash business model favored by some of the content mills I use. I would mourn this loss, but I've come to the realization hat I hated this type of writing. It does not allow me to use whatever legitimate talent I possess, and some clients ask you to spread dangerous misinformation

Writing is not the only hobby I've engaged in. I still remain passionate about video games, although I I don't have the funds to purchase all of the latest games. I'm actually okay with this, as the most popular games cater to a different graphic. I'm not an 18 to 25 year-old male. Gamergate and the MRAs associated with it disgust me, but I am not going to give up something I love because other people are immature. As the Canadian Rock Band Rush once said, changes aren't permanent but change is.

As for programming, I still need to learn the most popular Java libraries for Android. While I've master the basics of programming in Java, it doesn't really help me in producing apps for this popular OS. I can't claim too much here. I've been slacking. I've also been learning real-world languages, although I'm reaching a point where Duolingo is no longer challenging my knowledge of Spanish.

Of course, I will continue to use Dreamwidth as an online journal and for some free-writing exercises.

And swimming at the Y today, yay!

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 I found out I still had Minecraft on this computer. I decided to venture into it and give it another try. Admittedly, I still don’t see the appeal of the game, although its Java interface and simple graphics allow it to run on almost any computer. It also lets the player have far more control over their environment than long running MMORPGs like Everquest I & II, World of Warcraft, and Star Wars: the Old Republic.

I could not do much on the Haunted Island Demo, mostly because I did not understand what I needed to do. I thought the game was essentially Lego for adults, but it’s actually more complicated that. In the time I spent exploring, I figured out how to harvest daisies, dandelions, sand, dirt, wood and seeds.  I managed to place a few blocks of wood in an attempt to build a crude structure before I decided to log off for the evening.

I still prefer MMORPGs, but these games are often a grind fest. There’s also a political element to some of these games that does not appeal to me.  I may go back yet this evening since sleep has eluded me, but I decided not to take Benadryl or the night-time cough syrup to see if I could get to sleep on m own tonight.  It seems that this was a mistake.

I still like the Tinkering and Engineering tradeskills in MMORPGs far more...


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