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I did this backwards today. It's probably the last one I'll do, since there's only one more day and I'll be busy tomorrow. Then I'll go back to the much more reasonable one post every three days or more that I've been shooting for.

The comic, however, does not represent my experience with anxiety or depression. For me, anxiety is like being caught in an infinite loop. You're too focused on what might happen  that you don't worry enough about what is actually happening. It often takes outside interference to get me out of this loop.   I can't say depression sucks my energy. It's more that it sucks my motivation if I'm dealing with the same unpleasant circumstances long term. After a while, I just don't see the point and give up. It leads to a despair where nothing matters. 
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 I'm sorry for not including a caption right now. I can't find my glasses right now and the print is rather small. I'll come back to it and add a caption later.

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Caption: People with fibromyalgia have to deal with body wide aches, painful pressure points, crippling fatigue, and severe depresson. What they hate the most is being told they're not sick.  Fribromyalgia is real, treat it right.

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 September is Chronic Pain Awareness Month. (Although I have to ask, how many people aren't aware that chronic pain exists?) I'll be posting something on them daily and trying to promote these posts. Given the events of the last few weeks, I thought it'd be time to revisit this photograph.  The next two days will focus on diseases I've been diagnosed with.

[Description: A brown-haired, blue-eyed woman on a beige background. She wears a purple shirt with a back and white-striped ribbon. Braces adorn her wrists, knees, and right ankle.]

  • Do you suffer from Crhonic pain?
  • Have you been told or do you feel you have fibromyalgia?
  • Easy or unexplained bruising?
  • IBS, Acid Reflux, or other Gastrointestinal issues?
  • Do you have hypermobile joints or  are you double-jointed?
  • Do you injure easily or have unexplained fractures or bruises?
  • Fragile skin that tears easily or poor or slow wound healing?
  • Do you injure easily? Unexplained dislocations or fractures?
  • Problems with balance? Are you the clumsy one?
  • Velvety smooth or stretchy skin?
  • Are doctors stumped or clueless when they try to figure you out?
  • Have you heard of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome?

And the answers for me  right now are: yes, yes, yes (although I still believe this is PLMD in most cases), yes, no, yes -- ankles, yes, not that I've noticed, and I think my primary care physician has no idea what's wrong with me exactly.


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