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 My anxiety levels have risen after a long period of calm. I am almost certain that the interview at the Hamilton Center and the local OVR representative is the cause.  Deploying various techniques will help me get to sleep over the next few nights, but my mind – I think it’s the monkey mind – is currently swinging from tree to tree thinking about all the things that might happen.  Because my knowledge of Zen currently pretty much ends there, I’m almost certain I got it wrong. I do know, however, that these anxiety states and the scenarios that play out aren’t usually what happens in real life. Repeating this to myself helps sometimes, and other times it does not.

I do not need to worry that I’ll go through a bakery program again and then get frustrated at all the tasks that require coordination that I do not have. (I can bake cakes, breads, and cookies very well, but do not expect me to decorate them.)  I am pretty sure that the most I’ll have to worry about is ending up working at a Good Will as a cashier or some sort of office position. I’d rather not work for Good Will, if I can avoid it, but having some money regularly coming in is a lot better than having to rely on what little SEO content work there is, which right now is providing far less income.  Also, if i don't get some sort of income stream soon, I'm likely stuck in Indiana until I get disability at least.

Right now, I need to stop speculating about what might happen and try not to worry about it too much. In a few more days, I will know what this will happen, and it might be a good thing. As it stands right now, the meeting does nothing to make my situation worse.

Now that I have gotten this out, I might be able to keep it out of my thoughts as I try to drift off to sleep.  Because of some strange bureaucratic procedure that I don’t quite understand, I have to see my PCP tomorrow for ankle pain, even though I assume he receives reports from the rheumatologist. Maybe it’s because she hadn’t received the physical therapy report yet. In any case, I hope I don’t have to see the same podiatrist again.

Side notes:  The Families Against Autistic Shooters Facebook page is disgusting.  It shouldn’t have crossed my attention. 

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I tried to make potato bread last night, but after cutting and heating the potatoes for use, I  left them in the microwave and forgot about them. When it came time to think about tonight's dinner. I decided to skip the potatoes, throw some extra flourin, and use the french setting on the bread machine.  It worked well enough. Most of it is gone.

Now, if this flare would just go away.
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I woke up at around 7 o'clock this morning. As I walked out to the kitchen to begin my morning ritual, I took a few seconds to look at the counter. The can of cream cheese icing I'd left on the counter remained. The red velvet cake mix that I had taken out that night before seemed to be missing.

As I usually do in such situations, I searched the kitchen panicking. I had intended to make the cake last night, ice it this morning and eat a piece or two today. I decided to put it off until today after feeling sick to my stomach last night. (Cooking in this state is not a particularly enjoyable experience.)

I spent fifteen minutes rearranging items in the kitchen, only to find I had put it beside the cabinet. For a few seconds, I was entertaining the idea that my roommate had made it, but that seemed unlikely.

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I went past the kitchen table as I woke up this morning. This, in itself, is not unusual. The bathroom is on the far end of the kitchen. I do not understand why the house is set up this way, but it does not matter. Sitting on the table were three potatoes, some flour, a jar of molasses, and a Graham cracker pie crust.

I remember what I planned to do with all of these. The potatoes were to be turned into french fries and potato bread. The other ingredients are to eventually be made into Shoofly pie. However, I went to bed last night without touching any of them. I will probably not get to them today either, as I have to go to work and hand out pizzas all day.

I should get to it some day, but my enthusiasm for food preparation could be higher. I wonder if I could get the housemate to make the pie if I gave her my grandmother's recipe.


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