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Following the usual tradition for the day the SNAP card is loaded, I went out with the housemate to procure enough groceries from the month. I knew this was a bad idea after the cleaning session yesterday and taking someone to work this morning, but i did it anyway. I wanted to get it out of the way.   I nearly screamed  out as a brief spasm of pain went through the ankle, and I was grabbing my arm  in the car several times.

I made it through Wal-Mart, managed to pick up loratadine, forgot to pick up the ankle braces I had meant to pick up, and got most of the items needed for thanksgiving dinner and to get through the next month as well.   After that, we went to Sam's Club to pick up a few more items.  Before I got out of the Chevy S-10 Cab, the roommate uttered this line:

"If I see you wince even one time between here and the door, I'm forcing you into one of their mobility scooters."

I got out and made sure to stay ahead of her -- not an easy task while flaring -- until I got to the door.

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 Why do so many of the transgender people I know of outside of Indiana and a few in Pennsylvania reside in the Pacific Northwest?
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 Today is the housemate's 42nd birthday.  She shared this information early in the morning, and I paid as much attention to it as I pay to her requests for me to kill the spiders in the bathroom. (I like the spiders in the bathroom. They kill things I don't like. As long as they aren't poisonous to me, I'm happy to share my house with them. Plus, it's bad luck to kill spiders.)  

Eventually, the information made its way into my brain. I said "Happy Birthday."

I did not get thanked as she expected. Instead, she reminded me that she was an fat woman over 40 who did not want to be reminded that today was, in fact, her birthday.  I realize there are other events that she probably does not want to remember, including er getting arrested for actually following Indiana law. The anniversary of my arrival in Indiana also occurred a few days later.  But even though I'm not over 40, I share her weight issues and I still want people to remember my important days.  I just refuse to believe Star Wars turns 40 years old at the same time I do.

Sadly, I would have taken out to see Agengers 2: Age of Ultron if the doctor who did my foot surgery had not forgotten that I proably wouldn't be able to go back to work right after the surgery.

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Perhaps it's just the fact that it is finally getting to be summer-like and now the housemate and I can agree on the temperature in the house being too warm, but I remain in a good mood today. My circumstances are not much better than they have been, but at least they do not seem to be getting worse right now, as far as I know.

I think I'll even try going out for a short walk today.  It's the type of day that a wise person would enjoy. Maybe I'll even drive to Hawthorne Park and go for a short walk in the woods. Even though this isn't that good of an idea, sometimes I just need to be in the woods to recharge my spiritual batteries.  (Of course, driving to the park and walking in the woods might expend physical energy that I might only think I have right now.)

I just hope this trend continues.

Now, if this pressure in the throat would stop.  It's not quite sore, but it is distracting. It feels like I'm wearing a tie when I'm not.

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 It seems that the aftermath of the toe surgery has drawn to a close. I was cleared to go back to work and to wear real shoes again today. At least I can finally start breaking in the orthotics I received just after they completed the surgery.  At least that's one less thing to worry about. Sadly, I'm not scheduled to go back to work for another week yet.  I hope I'm not misreading the signals from some of my bosses, who think that this will solve all of the problems I've been having with standing at work.  (Of course, I'm still not clear on why the surgery was necessary.  Performing it to relieve the pain doesn't seem to be a valid one since the pain from the toes didn't bother me that much. Nor did he seem to answer my question about why the extra bone in each big toe would become inflamed after 38 years or so of causing no problems.)

Next week, I will meet with a new therapist, who apparently has worked as an LGBT activist and in social justice causes according to the pamphlet put out by the Hamilton Center. I will meet her the day after I come back to work. I think meeting her will be an interesting experience, regardless of how it turns out.

Although things seem okay right now, there was one problem  that has bummed me out slightly.  My laptop screen got cracked somehow last night. I am not sure how this happened. Either I stepped on it and didn't realize it as I went out to get some milk at 3 a.m. in the hopes that it would finally get me to sleep, or I did something in my sleep that caused it to become cracked.  (I'm betting on the first option in this case.  It was hard to tell exactly where my feet were while I was wearing the surgical shoes.)

The only downside of getting out of the surgical shoes is I'd finally adjusted to how they were affecting my balance.  Now that I'm back in normal shoes, it's going to take a few days to get the original sense of balance of back. 
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Interesting. I've had something that feels like it almost could be a sore throat for the last couple of days. It's not quite in the right area though, nor does it's in the throat itself. It feels like it's outside of the neck. I really hope it's just from listening to multiple people in real line and on life describe some infection they had to me.  If this is a psychic power, I will give it to anyone else who wants it.
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The weather remains a little on the cool side, but that has not stopped me from going to bed sweating and a little on the warm side. Sometimes I even notice sweating when I get up to go to the bathroom during the night.  Now, I've thought my body's temperature sensing and control mechanisms were out of whack since last summer, although the extremely cold winter may have alleviated this problem some what. 

Because these sensations are unpleasant, I've started sleeping with the fan on at night.  Lately, however, the fan has been turned off when I wake up in the morning. I am not usually sure why this is, unless I know I turned it off the night before.  The housemate, the only other person in the house, swears she's not doing it. 

I have come up with multiple theories, all of them of which I find equally likely:

1.) I am simply forgetting that I turned it off.
2.) The housemate is lying about not turning it off
3.) Friendly energy-saving spirits turn the fan off to prevent the electrical bill from becoming too high. (I love the possibility of gnome intervention.)
4.)  My parasomnias have reached a new level that now allow me to manipulate switches and knobs in my sleep.
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I'm not looking forward to going to work this Thursday, but I don't think it's a good idea to avoid it, even though I'll be wearing the bandages on my foot until the 27th.  While I'm looking forward to getting the bandages off, and possibly getting the custom-fit orthotics, it's not the only thing I have to do that week. Tuesday, I have to go to the social security office and meet with those people, and Thursday, unless I cancel the appointment, which I should do, I have to drive to Plainfield.  

Hopefully I can avoid any high fatigue days during this process.
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I succumbed to napativity at around 8 p.m. tonight.  Four hours later, I woke up, only to find that my roommate had also gone to sleep, and apparently had woke up a few minutes before I did. I have to wonder if our circadian rhythms have synchronized for some strange reason.  At least it was not her waking up about the same time I am in the shower.

This Saturday promises to be a busy day.  I must wake up earlier than usual and prepare chicken pot pie for the pot luck meal today.  It'll be nice to spend some time in the woods, even if it is the slightly sanitized version of a county park.  I'm not sure how the roommate feels about being drug along to this particular activity, but she agreed to it after I described nearly getting into an accident in her Crown Victoria because the surgical shoes made it hard for me to not put my foot on the accelerator and the brake at the same time. After she heard this story, she informed me that I wasn't driving until I stop wearing the surgical shoes.

Now I just need for the tired feeling to come over me yet again so I can go back to sleep and be prepared for tomorrow morning.

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You know, it would be nice if the NRA were simply actually concerned about the civil rights that come with owning a gun and making sure they were applied equally instead of becoming a political wing of the Republican party.  Also, I thought she'd given up listening to the NRA radio feed.

In any case, it's time to recover some mana before going out again today. I spent the morning getting better fitting shoes for work and getting some groceries.  I still want to go out some more, but I have to remember that I need to work tomorrow and shouldn't overdo it.
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Waking up at 2:00 a.m. when I have a 140+ mile round trip ahead of me later in the day really doesn't do it for me.  
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So, I find myself thinking a few days ago, "What's the Jewish Holiday that occurs every year before Easter? Don't they show The Ten Commandments every year around that time."

A cynical, sarcastic voice quickly countered, "That's Passover, you twit." 
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I discovered this yesterday.  
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 das Backpfeifengesicht (-er)
   a face you dislike; a person you'd like to smash in the face; a face you want to punch/slap around, a face badly in need of a fist

Is there anything that isn't cool about this language?

Edit: This shouldn't have been protected.

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Finding one of gun enthusiast housemate's firearms lying across the couch while you settle down to pay bills. 
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Laa'snew glasses 

I really wish online places could give you a more accurate description of what lenses would look like before you purchase them. Now I'm ready for the next Game of Thrones book.

And the worst part occurred on Facebook: My father's current wife informed me that she and my dad liked them.
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 Me: [Kneeling down to pick up laundry sorted on the bed.] [Groans in pain.]
Me: [Bends back up with whites in hand.] How are you today? Are you at least better than I am?
Roommate: Probably. I promise I won't use my pain-free privilege over you.
Me: Never use that phrase again.
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Okay, I've managed to go out to the local mall for a bit. I've even gotten editing done. Assuming I've set the privacy settings correctly, I should have even gotten a backup of the second draft posted onto my Dreamwidth account. (It is not a huge deal if I did not.) As usual, I had planned to make dinner tonight for the housemate and I.

This plan lasted until I stood up to take the planned items out of the refrigerator and the freezer. I got up and immediately saw why any plan that involved standing for a long period of time wouldn't work. I turned to the housemate and said, "I think you're making dinner tonight" as I grabbed the back of the couch to steady myself.
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I went to Sam's Club yesterday. I did not have to work. It was an eye appointment that I scheduled a month ago. As I'd threatened to do,  I drug my roommate along so she could get her hearing tested at a nearby place. As it turned out, the place that would do the testing required an appointment.  I chalked it up to there being incorrect information on the Internet, but the attempt to make the appointment encountered some resistance.

I walked into the place, exchanged a few pleasantries with the receptionist and sat down. The roommate, reluctant to say anything, only said that we were there because of my problem. Technically, this is true. She is not bothered by how loudly she plays the television or some of her gaming videos.  After assuring the woman that she was the one who had problems with appropriate volume levels, it took a few more questions.

After a few minutes, the receptionist handed the housemate an appointment card. She'll be going back Friday, probably before I go grocery shopping for the house.

As for the eye appointment, it went well. I just need to order eyeglasses tomorrow.
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I woke up at around 7 o'clock this morning. As I walked out to the kitchen to begin my morning ritual, I took a few seconds to look at the counter. The can of cream cheese icing I'd left on the counter remained. The red velvet cake mix that I had taken out that night before seemed to be missing.

As I usually do in such situations, I searched the kitchen panicking. I had intended to make the cake last night, ice it this morning and eat a piece or two today. I decided to put it off until today after feeling sick to my stomach last night. (Cooking in this state is not a particularly enjoyable experience.)

I spent fifteen minutes rearranging items in the kitchen, only to find I had put it beside the cabinet. For a few seconds, I was entertaining the idea that my roommate had made it, but that seemed unlikely.


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