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 1.) Must set up speech recognition to give my sore hands and tennis-elbow ridden arms a rest.

2.)  Really should not tell someone that their banner may cause seizures in epileptics rudely especially since I'm not epileptic and do not know this. 

3.)  Must figure out why I became the person for people to spam if they're looking to promote asexuality related content on Twitter.  (Even though I have restarted my site, It's not anywhere near the traffic levels of the old one.)
        a.) Is this a good thing or a bad thing? I've got over 900 followers on Twitter in a couple of years and this is without using Twitter's promotional services.

3.) Must run things before Natural Reader before posting them to the blog. (I was trying to get some work done before my physical therapy appointment.

4.) Must find my letter explaining why I don't want to have sex with Cathy Brennan and repost it. It's just too good to let go.

5.) Must stop researching EDS. Every time I do I find another little irritating clue that suggests I might have it.*  The intent was to rule this out.  (Plus, it's not good for my anxiety.)  Yet, after watching Heidi Collins's video and finding out that stretchy skin is not required for a diagnosis. Anyway,  at least I'm pretty sure it's not that bad, and it would help with my goal of spending as much of Blue Cross/Blue Shields HIP money as possible.  

6.) Must pick up more Power-Ade as soon as I can. Drinking more water wasn't helping much with the orthostatic hypotension thing, but sports drinks seem to do so.  (It's also helped with the feeling like I'm going to pass out while laughing hard thing.)

*Actually, at this point, I'm pretty sure I do, but refer back to the point about anxiety. I'm also thinking it's been mistaken for a history of rheumatoid arthritis by my sister.

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Following the usual tradition for the day the SNAP card is loaded, I went out with the housemate to procure enough groceries from the month. I knew this was a bad idea after the cleaning session yesterday and taking someone to work this morning, but i did it anyway. I wanted to get it out of the way.   I nearly screamed  out as a brief spasm of pain went through the ankle, and I was grabbing my arm  in the car several times.

I made it through Wal-Mart, managed to pick up loratadine, forgot to pick up the ankle braces I had meant to pick up, and got most of the items needed for thanksgiving dinner and to get through the next month as well.   After that, we went to Sam's Club to pick up a few more items.  Before I got out of the Chevy S-10 Cab, the roommate uttered this line:

"If I see you wince even one time between here and the door, I'm forcing you into one of their mobility scooters."

I got out and made sure to stay ahead of her -- not an easy task while flaring -- until I got to the door.

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 Note to self: in the future when trying to set boundaries, tell each party individually that you won't let them talk behind each other's backs, rather than putting the status as a family message on Facebook.  This is a public service announcement brought to you by Lara's complete lack of social skills.

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 ...this conversation needs to be shared.

Housemate: Have you seen Fox News's lead story on their website today?

Me: No.

[Looks over at screen]

Housemate: Mom and Dad in the Dark: Oregon pays for Teen sex-change operations

[Angry ranting]

Me: Wouldn't you have done that when you were a teenager?

Housemate: Well, yeah.

Me: Which one of us was arguing against moving to another state in the Pacific Northwest last night?

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For the past few days, I've been able to tell when a storm is coming through. It's not a surprise to anyone who shares my affliction, but my housemate feels the need to check the actual weather reports. It led to this conversation.

Me: "I'm pretty sure it's not going to rain in the next couple of hours, so I'm going out."

Her:  "Hold on, wait. Let me check the weather channel's website."

Me: "Why bother? I no longer need to rely on primitive tools like the Weather Channel to tell me when a storm is coming."
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 Today is the housemate's 42nd birthday.  She shared this information early in the morning, and I paid as much attention to it as I pay to her requests for me to kill the spiders in the bathroom. (I like the spiders in the bathroom. They kill things I don't like. As long as they aren't poisonous to me, I'm happy to share my house with them. Plus, it's bad luck to kill spiders.)  

Eventually, the information made its way into my brain. I said "Happy Birthday."

I did not get thanked as she expected. Instead, she reminded me that she was an fat woman over 40 who did not want to be reminded that today was, in fact, her birthday.  I realize there are other events that she probably does not want to remember, including er getting arrested for actually following Indiana law. The anniversary of my arrival in Indiana also occurred a few days later.  But even though I'm not over 40, I share her weight issues and I still want people to remember my important days.  I just refuse to believe Star Wars turns 40 years old at the same time I do.

Sadly, I would have taken out to see Agengers 2: Age of Ultron if the doctor who did my foot surgery had not forgotten that I proably wouldn't be able to go back to work right after the surgery.

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Interesting. I've had something that feels like it almost could be a sore throat for the last couple of days. It's not quite in the right area though, nor does it's in the throat itself. It feels like it's outside of the neck. I really hope it's just from listening to multiple people in real line and on life describe some infection they had to me.  If this is a psychic power, I will give it to anyone else who wants it.
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The weather remains a little on the cool side, but that has not stopped me from going to bed sweating and a little on the warm side. Sometimes I even notice sweating when I get up to go to the bathroom during the night.  Now, I've thought my body's temperature sensing and control mechanisms were out of whack since last summer, although the extremely cold winter may have alleviated this problem some what. 

Because these sensations are unpleasant, I've started sleeping with the fan on at night.  Lately, however, the fan has been turned off when I wake up in the morning. I am not usually sure why this is, unless I know I turned it off the night before.  The housemate, the only other person in the house, swears she's not doing it. 

I have come up with multiple theories, all of them of which I find equally likely:

1.) I am simply forgetting that I turned it off.
2.) The housemate is lying about not turning it off
3.) Friendly energy-saving spirits turn the fan off to prevent the electrical bill from becoming too high. (I love the possibility of gnome intervention.)
4.)  My parasomnias have reached a new level that now allow me to manipulate switches and knobs in my sleep.
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Even with both of my feet in casts and in surgical shoes, I still have to submit a reasonable accommodation form to Human resources to get a stool to sit on.  I realize the HR people aren't at the work site, but the managers need to have some discretion in these cases. 
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it amuses me that I end up on Democratic and Republican mailing lists. I'm not sure how. When I play local reporter, I am trying, as much as humanly possible, to take the neutral position. If something alarms me -- like the TIGR grants -- I may editorialize a little too much.  However, I got a form in the mail today claiming to be a census.  It is a blatant attempt to ask for money, which I am not inclined to give them even if I weren't making below poverty wages. I'm also tempted to rewrite some of their questions on the form, since the War on Terror is a fraud, and I'm not big on entitlement reform at the moment.

I also love the appeal for funds. I'm so tempted to write that if they want me to donate, they should consider raising the minimum wage so it falls in line with inflation. 
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So, I find myself thinking a few days ago, "What's the Jewish Holiday that occurs every year before Easter? Don't they show The Ten Commandments every year around that time."

A cynical, sarcastic voice quickly countered, "That's Passover, you twit." 
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 I get that we're worried about all the bathroom bills that are getting passed, but I don't need reassuring dreams about being caught in the wrong restroom. 

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 das Backpfeifengesicht (-er)
   a face you dislike; a person you'd like to smash in the face; a face you want to punch/slap around, a face badly in need of a fist

Is there anything that isn't cool about this language?

Edit: This shouldn't have been protected.

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Finding one of gun enthusiast housemate's firearms lying across the couch while you settle down to pay bills. 
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 Me: [Kneeling down to pick up laundry sorted on the bed.] [Groans in pain.]
Me: [Bends back up with whites in hand.] How are you today? Are you at least better than I am?
Roommate: Probably. I promise I won't use my pain-free privilege over you.
Me: Never use that phrase again.


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