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Since returning Asexual News to something approaching life, I've been on the lookout for asexual news stories. They're not as easy to find as one might think.  I came across a person calling herself Miss MisAnthropist who used the #asexual hasthtag on Twitter. Now, I figure if someone uses this Hashtag, they clearly want the attention of asexuals, so I go see what she has to say, and it's god-awful.

It's just another "asexuals are special snowflakes" variety stuff that I shouldn't have even responded to on a slowest of news days, but I do so anyway, figuring she'll get a few hits off of it and I can build up my YouTube channel as well as get some more hits to my website. I make a short response video with my poor equipment, and I leave one comment.

This is where things go wrong. I challenged the self-perceived expert, and of course, the website no longer maintains the research on asexuality arhcives, but that's unreleated.

I go in for a few seconds to find out that it's about me. I haven't watched the rest of it and I'm afraid to.  This was not wise, Lara, you know things like this set off your social anxiety.   Just be nice.
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This house is not the best place for recording videos.  It works okay for recording sound, although I should have some cooling pad or a new pc fan to solve the issue.

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Several years ago, there was a split in the Tumblr asexual community. The people who wanted to be more positive came to Dreamwidth, which left the more negative people and the trolls on the other site. I decided to respect the decision of the people who wanted a more pleasant experience. After all, I know that I'm not someone who can be cheery and uplifting all the time. Even as a minor journalist, I tend to focus on the bad things more often than I focus on the good things.

Several years have passed. I have managed to get on hormones. I don't quite look like the pictures that were taken three years ago. (For one thing, my breasts are smaller.) I do not feel as comfortable participating in the asexual communities as I did in the past. (This is because I am not sure I fall into that category any more.)

Now, I have more than enough blogs and social media sites to deal with, but I'll start here for now.


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