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 I actually want one of these....

[A rusty blue mini refridgerator.  The words Nuka Cola Quantum are emblazoned on the front.)

The first part of the A+ certification test is today. I wish I were better prepared for it. I'm pretty sure I know the material, with the exception of memory speeds and anything involving laser printers, but I think TestOut's prep tests just love asking questions about laser printers, and they aren't a major part of the certification test.    The second part is next month.  You need to pass both tests to get the certification I'm a little nervous. (It's a bit more useful than the PC Pro certiification I already have.)

I have enjoyed parts of the Steam summer sale. I managed to pick up Red Alert 3, Final Fantasy VII, and Bioshock 2.  I had Left for Dead 2 from a previous Steam sale, but I find that one a little confusing..

Anyway, I just wish it didn't take so long to do anything in Fallout 3, although I do approve of the code that makes every character in Fallout 4 essentially pansexual. (And fortunately, the developer's one attempt at an extremely transphobic joke backfired on them.)


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